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Committed to tradition!

The Schulz Co. was founded in 1966 by Dieter Schulz as a one-person company under the name of "Pinsel Schulz" (Paintbrush Schulz). As a small specialized retail business for painters’ accessories and wallpapers, at the time still operating out of Bad Kreuznach, our success story slowly gained momentum...

Today, more than half a century later, Schulz Farben- und Lackfabrik GmbH is a company with worldwide operations and over 250 employees – and is led by a team of family members.

Michael Schulz, the son of founder Dieter Schulz, joined the company in 1988, thereby heralding the advent of the 2nd generation of successful work of the Schulz entrepreneurial family.

Answering the question what made his company so successful, Dieter Schulz said one day: “Hard work, loyal customers, trust one’s gut feeling, have the good fortune to stay healthy and have the right people by your side.”



Schulz Farben CEO Michael Schulz in portrait

Managing Director

Michael Schulz

We are an active entrepreneurial family with a tradition that goes back more than 50 years, that manages sustainably for the long term, and that acts responsibly. Respect of each individual is the central value in our dealings with one another. We jointly ensure that the sustained economic success of our company is secured.





Managing Director

Andreas Spies

Schulz is an innovative manufacturer of paints and products that protects and designs the residential environment. As strategic partner that knows the challenges of customers and actively promotes product developments, Schulz is an enthusiastic contact that impresses with brand expertise, service solutions and positive customer experiences.

Schulz Farben CEO Andreas Spies in portrait




Dieter Schulz (Advisory Board ) and Herta Schulz (Advisory Board) in a portrait

Founder & consultant

Dieter und Herta Schulz

We live up to our responsibility through seriousness, respectability and integrity. We follow this path consistently now and will follow it in the future because we believe that these values are important guarantees for reaching our objectives.