Schulz China

Schulz in the “Middle Kingdom”

Products “Made in Germany” have always been very popular among the Chinese. In the year of the rabbit (1999), Schulz decided to export its environmentally-friendly products as well. A reliable distribution partner was found with “Bestcolor Trading Co. Ltd.” in Zhangjiagang (Jiangsu Province), which has since then marketed Schulz products and trendy paint concepts in close collaboration throughout the Middle Kingdom.

A Chinese proverb says: 良好的开端是成功的一半 

.. what can be translated to: "Well begun is half done."

New markets make new demands for us – and this does not just apply to us, but above all to our paints. By observing Asian standards and norms, we succeeded in developing initial successful business concepts and placing a conclusive and integrated concept in China.

Made in Germany, Blue Angel, E.L.F.

Review: 20 years of Schulz China

  • Schulz in the “Middle Kingdom” The starting signal for the success story, initially with a focus on the renovation of hospitals, hotels and office buildings, was given in Beijing in 1999.
  • Growth through partnership The successful development of business in China, about 5 years after the turn of the millennium, is picking up speed due to a newly formed, strong partnership with Mr. Ralph Bernhart, manager and coordinator of Asian trade relations. Not least thanks to Mr. Bernhart, we can now look back on a rapid development of the business over the past 20 years.
  • Cooperations with a future What once started with hotels and office buildings has now grown into an extensive network of dealers throughout China - the focus today is on sales in decoration centres and specialist shops. As a partner in numerous major projects, we can proudly claim to have laid a promising foundation stone in the "Middle Kingdom".



20 years !

Schulz celebrates 20th anniversary in China!