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The brand for the most beautiful place in the world...

With the inclusion of “Residential Idea“ in the product portfolio, Schulz is accorded another corporate brand on the DIY market, which thanks to many years of experience understands how to impress with residential advice and color designs. The paint product is supported by the magazine brand published monthly by the Bauer Media Group, which has become established as idea provider of the consumer majority.

What is more important than the "feeling of well-being" in one’s own home? The selection of a modern color shade that is currently trendy is not the only thing that can give you such an all-round feeling of happiness. Rather, the matter is about a harmonious, finely-tuned interplay of several factors:

In addition to selecting the suitable color shade that suits your type, your expectations and your furnishings, the decisive contribution to achieve a positive, soothing room atmosphere is made above all by a product’s quality and materials – which allow your home to become a place of retreat and relaxation so you can recharge your strengths.

Consequently, the “Residential Idea“ product makes do without any softeners, solvents and preservatives and is especially suitable for very sensitive people (allergy sufferers) and areas such as children’s rooms, bedrooms and living rooms. Apart from timeless white, 35 trendy already mixed color shades expand our Residential Idea Collection.

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