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SOFT Nature

Out of love for nature

The thought of preserving natural beauty and securing natural habitats has increasingly been favored by our society. A decisive role is played in this by dealing responsibly with nature, the environment and finite natural resources.

By combining non-hazardous paint and an ecological packaging design, we succeeded in developing a concept that subsequently won the Red Dot Award in the “Design Concept (Green)” category.

“SOFT Nature”, a wall paint concept against the background of preserving and securing our most important asset, our own health and the environment’s, shows that even the smallest adjustments made to parts and routines of our everyday life can make a huge difference so we can look forward to a secured future for all.

SOFT Nature concept with Red Dot award

Think Green

“Healthy living” doesn‘t start with the decision to paint one’s own home with environmentally-friendly quality – but already with the packaging.

It is our approach not to do the environment a favor by just painting an environmentally-friendly color, but additionally by using an integrated, “green” framework – from the manufacturing to the disposal – in order to create your “healthy living space” project.

  • Solvent-free
  • Preservative-free
  • Softener-free
  • Emission-free

When comparing a conventional paint bucket with the SOFT Nature Brainypack, then the Brainypack impresses not merely due to its innovative, novel design.

Many more properties make the SOFT Nature Brainypack unique in its class with exceptionally high capacity for differentiation compared to other products of the competition’s “Environment” division. 

  • Easy disposal with the household waste, as there is no hard plastic
  • Light packaging material for special carrying and transportation comfort
  • Screw cap: easy opening, dosed pouring out and easy reclosing
  • Climate neutral: The manufacturing of the Brainypack has no adverse effect on the climate

6 good reasons

  1. 40% less raw material used because hard plastic is dispensed with
  2. Up to 60% less disposal material for the final consumer
  3. Efficient low-cost storage: stackable, flexible, space-saving
  4. Efficient transport: 120 bags vs. 68 comparable containers per pallet
  5. Fully drainable by simply rolling up the Brainypack
  6. Easy disposal with the household waste
Figure truck and person dumping the garbage

A product developed with environmental compatibility in mind would not be successful unless it could be processed with the appropriate tool. So we can decisively communicate the objective we pursue at the actual place where the purchasing decision takes place, the corresponding presentation of our product is necessary.

  • Ecological color bowl made from recyclable cardboard
  • Ecological display made from recyclable material – no plastic is used
  • Paint roller with wooden handle - for consciously dispensing with plastic
Detail view of a POS display SOFT Nature concept
Comparison between Brainypack and conventional paint bucket

Smart & Unique

Thanks to its flexible material, the SOFT Nature Brainypack is fully drainable just be rolling it up – compared to conventional, bulky hard plastic containers. Thus, hardly any paint residues remain inside the paint bag, thereby preventing an additional environmental burden with the subsequent disposal of the SOFT Nature Brainypack.

As part of our concept, we thank O. KLEINER AG, whose work is based on emphasizing flexible packaging solutions, for the good collaboration.