Glasses for virtual reality

Virtual Company Tour

Experience us very closely!

As international paint and varnish manufacturer, we must always keep readjusting ourselves to market needs in order to satisfy our customers. To achieve this, we need the best qualified employees now and in the future!

Dear Applicant, with our virtual tour, you can get an idea of Schulz in advance and already get to know better the premises, interesting task areas and a few of your future colleagues.

Navigation has been made easy...

Simply keep the mouse pressed and look around

The colored arrows in the image allow you to quickly change to other scenes or departments of the company

You can hide the overview of the individual scenes in the lower border of the image using the downward-pointing arrow shown.



Are you ready? If so, then start our virtual tour through the colorful world of paint!
By the way: You can also see the tour on your tablet or smartphone!